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JOINED: 2 Years Ago (Pre-Summerlands)

Slit Eyes
Fangs and Claws
Long Reptilian Tongue
Scale-like Skin
Dragon-fin Ears
Extra Height and Bulk

Clear Wing's Tail

Plasma "Dielectric" Breath

To get his D-Wheel back and he got it... in its broken form. Spent a few months of his first year repairing it.

2ND CONTRACT: Wishes for his childhood best friend's safety and a happy life for her because she DESERVES IT. Though this didn't ensure Yugo had to be present.

3RD CONTRACT: For rest of the Dragon Boys and Bracelet Girls to have separate bodies from Yuya and Yuzu respectively.

CONTACT: [ profile] DragonScope

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FREQUENCY: 144.98750
DESCRIPTION: Yugo rarely answers their radio due to being off tinkering unless you yell loud enough into it.

LOCATION: Door Crack
DESCRIPTION: Mail is best left shoved under the door so that it actually catches his attention.
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Name: Drag
Contact: [ profile] DragonScope / [personal profile] tigerscope1994

Character Name: Yugo
Age: 14
Species: Human
Canon: Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V
Canon Point: Episode 140
Character Info: Wiki page

Note: The canon point was picked on the assumption Yugo arrived in the same way Yuya did; during the white haze that occurred as Reira reset the dimensions. Outside of the ether and wandering to the Carnival though, Yugo will only remember up to his last conscious moment, resulting in a memory gap.

The biggest thing that motivates Yugo through his decision-making is reuniting with Rin. She’s his childhood friend, only friend. He wants to hold her tight in his arms and never let go again because she really does mean the entire world to him. Through the series, it's proven that Yugo shares this attitude to some extent with everything else he chooses to put his heart into, such as proclaiming his desire to live on for Yuzu (when he thinks she's dead). At his core, Yugo is someone driven by a passion for what makes him happy and desire to protect them.

Yugo is incredibly stubborn, unwilling to admit defeat where most would fall back. When he wanted to build a D-Wheel, he diligently worked until he was relatively bright in the fields of mechanical engineering and dueling in order to complete that dream with Rin. And when Rin herself was kidnapped from his dimension, he chased down the culprit without pause (for the most part). He impulsively charges into anything and everything related to his goals, and once Yugo puts his mind on something it's easy for him to ignore his surroundings-such as when he completely missed Yuya's presence during his duel with Yuto.

Oblivious to a fault, it's not hard to think of him as a complete moron despite his talents. He can easily miss even the most obvious of social cues, unable to realize where he misstepped until someone outright knocks him over his thick skull. As sincere and caring as he can be, his impulsiveness emphasizes his obliviousness to an impressive degree, leading him into things like bluntly saying Yuzu needed to change her clothes because they would stink, or even mistaking another for Rin consistently enough to try (and fail) for a hug. The filter between his desires and what’s acceptable in society doesn't exist, so it's no surprise that he's been hit more than once for invading personal space or nonchalantly staring at someone's chest.

It doesn't help that Yugo is casual in general about most aspects of his life. If his short temper hasn’t been triggered, even his friendly nature is portrayed with low-level "biker" patterns of speaking and a general lack of tact coming into everything he says. As rude as he can be though, Yugo is compassionate to others, and even recognizes his faults at times. If he sees that he's truly upset someone, he won't hesitate to apologize, such as when he offered Yuzu a handkerchief and comfort once he noticed her crying. His dream with Rin also reflects this; their desire to win the Friendship Cup and replace Jack as King is all to make life for themselves better.

Yugo can be a bit dramatic though-happy, sad, or otherwise, if the situation isn't too serious in his eyes, his lack of filter makes for a lack of self control. The heart on his sleeve is huge, and Yugo deeply cherishes anyone he comes to care for even in the slightest. It's what drives him to persistently try to hug Serena when he thinks she's Rin, but as well as Yuzu when he reunites with her after believing her to be dead. ...And both times, he gets smacked for it, unfortunately.

Even in a serious mood, he can still be dramatic; just before the start of his fight against Serena, when he thinks Yuzu has been killed, he promises to Rin and to "Yuzu in heaven" that he'll win for them if they watch his duel, and when it seems he's losing against Serena in the (rigged) match, even asks if the "Goddess of Victory" has abandoned him. On a more common note that just shows how dense he can be, he repeatedly mishears the title "Fusion" as the word "fusion", assuming that when someone applies it to him, they are deliberately pronouncing his name wrong ("Yugo", his name, vs "Yugou", Japanese for "Fusion"). Making this mistake is the easiest way to draw his ire, and he childishly protests whenever it comes up.

Maybe his shouting and dramatizations are overcompensation in their own right, but all his loud confrontations aren't for lack of confidence. Yugo has more than enough faith in his skills as a duelist, using that confidence to openly challenge such others as Yuri, the one who kidnapped Rin. This faith in himself is what leaves him enthusiastic, even while gambling his luck on the draw for the cards he needs and dice rolls of destiny in his duels. No matter how the odds sway on him, Yugo isn't afraid to take risks and have fun with it, gladly teaching others to join along in simply enjoying life.

Works with motorcycle D-Wheel tech. Developed this skill over years of work alongside Rin.

Also seems able to somewhat converse with one of his monsters, Clear Wing Synchro Dragon. This could be from when he and the other counterparts were the single being named Zarc, one of a rare few who could speak to and understand duel monsters.

Beyond that he’s just weirdly durable; he survives too many motorcycle crashes- plus one fall through a glass window and onto his bike, as well as concussions to be normal.

For some reason, Clear Wing Synchro Dragon is able to teleport Yugo and his bike freely between the realms that Yugo's counterparts are at. They don't seem to do this when he wants it though.

Soul Colour: Teal

Ideal Jobs: Daredevil, Repair, Thief

Relevant Experience: Motorbike stunts in canon for daredevil; riding D-Wheels (motorcycles + card games) is something he does regularly. Throughout the series, he’s driven directly up numerous vertical walls, into buildings, and once a jump above a police blockade.

Mechanical engineering because building said bike is complicated stuff. He has canon experience both repairing and constructing bikes, so it's implied that he could figure out his way around other mechanical devices if given proper training and time (and if the teacher had patience).

Thief is another strong option because Yugo grew up in the slums; headcanon states that he and Rin had to steal a lot to survive, and in particular likely needed to steal most of the parts used in their D-Wheel and equipment given how well everything runs. That isn't stuff they’d find for cheap!

Carnival History: Made a Timeline Here

First Contract: "I want my D-Wheel back so that I can save Rin!!"
Details: Exactly what he said; he wanted his bike back! So he got it, but his ride was still in the condition it was when a brainwashed Rin threw him (and the bike) off a tower. Yugo would have spent a few months of his first year repairing it with parts gathered in different locations the carnival visited, and possibly any junk parts from the carnival itself.

Second Contract: "I want Rin to be able to be safe and live a happy life!"
Details: After the OSB points out that Yugo could have just asked for RM to save Rin in the first place, Yugo quickly makes this his second contract, specifically hoping for her to live a ‘safe and happy life’ (because she DESERVES IT). Though this doesn’t necessarily require Yugo to be present, which means his soul was left to be stuck in limbo after Yuri absorbed it.

Existing Contract: "I want all of us including that one asshole I guess and the girls to be able to live our own lives!"
Details: From current canon point and forward into its finale, the only individuals that remain of Zarc and Ray Akaba’s soul fragments (it’s complicated) are Yuya and Yuzu respectively. Naturally this is unacceptable- so the souls of Yuto, himself, Yuri; then Serena, Rin, and Ruri get their own separate bodies for the sake of "living their own lives".

Obviously this has already been performed for Yugo.

Current Changes:
RARE CHANGE: If it’s allowed, instead of breathing/creating fire off his body, can it be the weird windy-plasma stuff that Clear Wing spits out instead?

UNCOMMON CHANGE: A long tail that resembles Clear Wing's
UNCOMMON CHANGE: Large crystal growths off the shoulders and waist

COMMON CHANGE: Claws and Fangs
COMMON CHANGE: Long, reptilian tongue
COMMON CHANGE: Skin with a scale-like texture
COMMON CHANGE: Bioluminescent Stripes over the body
COMMON CHANGE: "Dragon-fin" Ears
COMMON CHANGE: Extra height/bulk (Looks older- as old as he figures he is now)

Test Drive - Here


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